PS6, PS7, PS8 Install and Configuration

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7 thoughts on “PS6, PS7, PS8 Install and Configuration

  1. Hello James,

    Thanks for the clean post. Only missing part is attaching OWSM policies to Spaces Web service endpoint and Discussions Web service endpoint to work Discussions in modeling and process workspace.

    1. Ensure that the WC_Spaces and WC_Collaboration managed servers are running.
    2. Run the following WLST command to attach an OWSM policy on the Spaces Web service endpoint:attachWebServicePolicy(application=’webcenter’, moduleName=’webcenter’, moduleType=’web’, serviceName=’SpacesWebService’,subjectName=’SpacesWebServiceSoapHttpPort’, policyURI=’oracle/wss11_saml_token_with_message_protection_service_policy’)
    3. Run the following WLST command to attach an OWSM policy on the Discussions Web service endpoint:attachWebServicePolicy(application=’owc_discussions’, moduleName=’owc_discussions’, moduleType=’web’, serviceName=’OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated’,subjectName=’OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated’, policyURI=’oracle/wss10_saml_token_service_policy’)
    4. Restart the WC_Spaces and WC_Collaboration managed servers.


  2. connect(‘weblogic’,’welcome1′, ‘localhost:7001′)
    attachWebServicePolicy(application=’webcenter’, moduleName=’webcenter’, moduleType=’web’, serviceName=’SpacesWebService’,subjectName=’SpacesWebServiceSoapHttpPort’, policyURI=’oracle/wss11_saml_token_with_message_protection_service_policy’)
    attachWebServicePolicy(application=’owc_discussions’, moduleName=’owc_discussions’, moduleType=’web’, serviceName=’OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated’, subjectName=’OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated’, policyURI=’oracle/wss10_saml_token_service_policy’)
    exit ()

  3. Hi James,

    Can you please tell us if we can create both basic webcenter domain and UCM domain in a single domain creation step? as a single domain through WLST automated scripts?

    Or do we need to create 2 different domains?

    I guess when we try to create domain using WLST it points default to the steps in the WC1 folder. If we need to add UCM domain then we need to run steps in ECM1 folder. We wanted to know on how to process them in WLST?

    Do we need to create different set of WLST scripts for basic webcenter domain and UCM domain? Is it something that UCM features cannot be added to the basic webcenter domain when creating domain through WLST.

    We can existing WLST script to create basic webcenter domain. But when we add the UCM template to it, it fails with the below error. Any help is highly appreciated.

    TypeError : unsupported operand type(s) for + : ‘NoneType’ and ‘str’

    Please let us know.

  4. Hi James

    Thank, the blogs is reality interesting.
    In the section BPM Process Spaces Configurations for
    PS6, I have a problem.
    In the moment of Importing group spaces into webcenter…..obtain the following error.
    Error occurred while performing import
    The export archive is from an older application and is
    not compatible with the current version of application.

    I am working with the version of WebCenter.

    These are the .ear that I need of a new version:


    Where I can download?

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