03-Service Invocation Adapters

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3 thoughts on “03-Service Invocation Adapters

  1. Small Question I have , after creating DB Adapter how mapping happen between , BPM Object and Database field names . I am not able to see the xml mapping screen after ( Service Call ) DB service call

    • ” we would need xml transformation to send input payload into database “, New XML Transformation file needs to be manually created, you need to drag n drop lines from BPM Object to corresponding DB Fields of the Table.

  2. I have a scenario where I need to read data from database of xmltype (data type)

    Table Structure :

    Create table Ex_Tb (id number(30),emp_data XMLType );
    I can save xml content in database,


    insert into Ex_Tb values( 1, xmltype ( ‘ krishnaerodemale ‘));
    Data inserted .
    My Question :

    1. How to retrive xml attribute and how to map BO ?
    I like to select place and name from xml ,then I have to pass values to BO object .

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