Oracle BPM 11g

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SOA BPM Business Process Modeling

01 Simple BPM Task Initiator

02 BPM Business Rules and Decision Activity

03 Service Invocation DB and File Adapters

04 BPM as a Web Service, ADF Front End for BPM Process

05 Mediator and Conditional Routing

06 BPM Composer Run time Process and Rules Editing

07 BPM and JMS Adapter


10 thoughts on “Oracle BPM 11g

  1. Hi,
    I try export from bpm 10g studio,then import into 11g studio(jdevelop).Unfortunately i can not find process from 11g studio.
    How can i do?
    And also i want to Migrate oracle BPM 10.3.3 to BPM it possible to do Migrate into 11g. if so any migration tools are exists. could you please provide the migration steps and tools.

    Best Regards

  2. Hi,

    I am working on BPM 11g.
    I installed the following products for BPM 11g
    OS: Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition all with 32 bit
    Installed s/w:

    JDeveloper Generic Version
    OracleXE 11.2 Win32
    ofm soa generic
    wls 10.3.5
    RCU for schemas dev_soainfra, dev_sdpm and dev_mds – Utility run successfully.

    Overall Installation is successful wth no issues.

    Configuration of Weblogic server for domain is ok with admin server, soa_server1 and bam_server1 with test connections is ok.

    I am using browser as Internet Explorer 9

    In Jdeveloper after creating application, project and process

    From BPM MDS Navigator I configured the connection for Database 11g XE as well using

    Override Application Server user/password

    For SOA MDS I included the dev_mds user with MDS partition as obpm

    tested connections all ok (weblogic and soa_server1 up and running)

    In Jdeveloper I am able to export the BPM successfully.

    In the BPM Project Navigator when I use the Project –> SalesQuote.jpr –> right clicking with option as Save to BPM MDS the following error is occured as
    “Error while saving BPM Project to MDS: BPM-70801 : Metadata operation failed”.

    If the error is resolved than I can see the project in BPM composer.

    My queries on this error are

    1) Has soa_server anything to do with this error

    2) Is dev_mds schema to be reviewed

    what can be the possibility to resolve the BPM-70801 error.

    Please provide the solution ASAP or send me the reply to my

    Ajaz Ahmed

  3. Hi Madhu,

    Currently we have Oracle BPM 10.3 running on oracle DB –

    Can we just upgrade the Database and not the BPM and if its possible, can you please suggest the migration process.


  4. Hello Sir,

    Could you please explain about Event Handling in BPM. Also can you give me simple example on Throw Event. What is the main purpose to use event handling in BPM.


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