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11 thoughts on “James Smith’s Technology Blogs

  1. I actually was exploring for points for my own blog and located your own article,
    “James Smiths Technology Blogs | James Smith’s Blogs” Roman Blinds , do you really care if I actually employ a number of of your points? Thx ,Mari

  2. Hi James

    Thank, the blogs is reality interesting.
    In the section BPM Process Spaces Configurations for
    PS6, I have a problem.
    In the moment of Importing group spaces into webcenter…..obtain the following error.
    Error occurred while performing import
    The export archive is from an older application and is
    not compatible with the current version of application.

    I am working with the version of WebCenter.

    These are the .ear that I need of a new version:


    Where I can download?

  3. Hello Madhusudhan Rao,

    I have around 12 year of experience in .NET technologies. Now I am preparing for TOGAF certification. Could you please some useful link and training/material link for this certification.

    Thanks & Regards,

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